donderdag 15 november 2007

Time Time Time

A few weeks ago I started a workshop” machinaal quilten” by Karen Lipton at the LOS.
I do prefer hand, but for some (quick) quilts it is good enough.
So I went with my friend Karen.

With the instructions and tips I have been practising at home.
I used a block (found it in the cupboard from a course a long time ago),and a droomdekentje ( made from left overs).

So yesterday evening we finished the quilt and learned about the border. We had a good time.

So I thought today, my free day, I am going continue working on it.
But when I look at the windows, after the storm from last week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it is Saturday, I finished the quilts and my window is clean, after I have done my obligations this week, it is time to place my blog.