woensdag 17 oktober 2007

Alarm bell rings

I saw my last blog was from last week. Time flies. I will show you some photos from my activities of last week.

Today I went to the city, because I needed a new wintercoat.

I saw one in the first shop I started but decided to go to the other shops I had in mind as well. If I found nothing better I would return to H&M.

When I was at VD I saw a nice bag that I bought. I asked the saleslady if I could use it rightaway and that was not a problem.

The only problem was that in several shops on my way back the alarm went off.

Everyone was very friendly but for some dim reason it did not feel nice. The saleslady in the last shop told me to look for a magnetic strip.

Well when I was back home I did look, but could not find anything, So I will keep the note with me and If the problem remains I will have to go back.

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