donderdag 15 november 2007

Time Time Time

A few weeks ago I started a workshop” machinaal quilten” by Karen Lipton at the LOS.
I do prefer hand, but for some (quick) quilts it is good enough.
So I went with my friend Karen.

With the instructions and tips I have been practising at home.
I used a block (found it in the cupboard from a course a long time ago),and a droomdekentje ( made from left overs).

So yesterday evening we finished the quilt and learned about the border. We had a good time.

So I thought today, my free day, I am going continue working on it.
But when I look at the windows, after the storm from last week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it is Saturday, I finished the quilts and my window is clean, after I have done my obligations this week, it is time to place my blog.

dinsdag 30 oktober 2007

Trijntje in Velsen

Yesterday I went to the Stadsschouwburg (theater) in Velsen.
To a concert by Trijntje Oosterhuis.

Together with guitarist Leonardo she gave the public a very fine evening.

She sang numbers by composers like James Taylor, Sting, Paul McCartney and her father. But most of the songs were from Burt Bacharach. I like them very much.

It was very pleasant and I enjoyed this evening.

donderdag 25 oktober 2007

Working hard on Monday

Inspired by Lucy, Karen and I joined in, in a tumblerproject.
So on Monday we went to Lucy’s house.

Thanks to Iris who took care of the catering, we spent most of the day behind the sewing-machine. Iris made delicious chocolatcroissants.

When I left in the afternoon Karen and Lucy were still competing.

Tuesday,Wednesday and today I had nice (tennis, coffee time with friends ) and not nice obligations (housework, ironing and cleaning).
But in between I made 6 rows. When I look at it, it gives me a very happy feeling.
I think I have to make at least 20 rows. So I will use every chance I get.

I am addicted.

And for the first time I am good friends with my machine.

woensdag 17 oktober 2007

Alarm bell rings

I saw my last blog was from last week. Time flies. I will show you some photos from my activities of last week.

Today I went to the city, because I needed a new wintercoat.

I saw one in the first shop I started but decided to go to the other shops I had in mind as well. If I found nothing better I would return to H&M.

When I was at VD I saw a nice bag that I bought. I asked the saleslady if I could use it rightaway and that was not a problem.

The only problem was that in several shops on my way back the alarm went off.

Everyone was very friendly but for some dim reason it did not feel nice. The saleslady in the last shop told me to look for a magnetic strip.

Well when I was back home I did look, but could not find anything, So I will keep the note with me and If the problem remains I will have to go back.

dinsdag 9 oktober 2007

Explaining guess what

I told you about my guess what. Well let me explain.
In spring we have renovated our bedroom. We stripped the room, placed a new wardrobe, wooden floor, wallpaper and so on.
We continued with the decorating after the summer.

So when I was taking the photos of my “dear Jane” I thought it was time for the decoration. I had an idea what I would like to have above my bed.

Now my DH is very handy (what his eyes see, his hands make) and I am good at giving instructions.LOL…...

So this is the outcome.

I am very pleased.

I made the sampler a few years ago, in a project at the LQS. There were several groups, and there is a show planned with all samplers. I am looking forward to it and I am very curious to see the samplers of the others.
I only have to quilt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dinsdag 2 oktober 2007

Market in Haarlem

Yesterday I started the day with running . I do that twice a week, 45 min. It always gives me a lot of energy.

Because I needed muslin, I went to the market in the centre of Haarlem. The market trader I was looking for was present so it was a succesful morning.

In the afternoon, when I came home from work, my DH surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. (It was our 31st wedding anniversary). How sweet !.

zondag 30 september 2007

A lazy sunday

It started rainy and dreary.
I thought what shall I do?
And now in evening I surprised myself.

I worked at my compass

I started a new project "tumbler quilt"

I finished my strippy Bag

And guess what is that??????

to be continued

vrijdag 28 september 2007

memories and sunflowers

Last week I had not enough time to work on my block.

We had a week with different kinds of weather. A lot of rain, but also sunny days.
Like Thursday, it was a lovely day and I bought a bouquet of sunflowers.
Earlier that day I reminded myself, that I had a "Lampet stel " in the attic.
This was used in the past when people did not have bathrooms and handbasin.

Sometimes I stayed with my granny. In the morning, she brought that jug to me, so I could wash myself before I went to school.

I love the sunflowers and the memories of my granny.

dinsdag 18 september 2007

Never too old to learn

Hello I am Ineke and I jumped into bloggerworld on 10 August 2007.
I started writing in Dutch, but from now on I am going to try it in English.
On my log I have told about my fishes and waterlily, the quiltexhibition in Deventer and my trip to Terschelling, one of our ‘wadden’islands.
So you see I write about things in my ordinairy normal life.

A lot of people are busy with a DJ. I started mine a few years ago and I finished it in 2006. Pieced and quilted by hand. It lies on my bed and I am so proud (and relieved that it was done).
But there is one note "Too small". So I have started with another block "A split compass", one of my favorite blocks.

zondag 16 september 2007

De afgelopen week

De afgelopen week ben ik met DH op het eiland Terschelling geweest.
Ik had dit voor mijn verjaardag cadeau gekregen en op maandag 10 september zijn we vertrokken naar Harlingen. Met de snelboot de Koegelwieck waren we in 45 minuten op het eiland. Aangekomen in West-Terschelling met de bus naar het plaatsje Lies.

In hotel de Walvisvaarder hadden we een riante tuinkamer (woonkamer met balkon,slaapkamer, toilet en een super de luxe badkamer met Turks stoombad en bubbelbad met jetstream).

Het was prachtig weer om te wandelen en te fietsen.

'T behouden Huys is het gemeentelijke cultuurhistorisch museum van Terschelling. Het is gevestigd in een tweetal 17e-eeuwse commandeurswoningen. De naam is ontleend aan de naam van het onderkomen waar Willem Barentsz en de zijnen in de winter van 1596-1597 op Nova Zembla overleefden.

hier zie ik een quiltblok in Sawtooth Star

weer terug naar het vasteland kwamen we deze bootjes tegen.

maandag 3 september 2007

The day after

Zondag ben ik naar de quilttentoonstelling geweest. Dit jaar was het in de Grote of Lebuïnuskerk in Deventer.

Ik hou zelf het meest van traditionele en antieke quilts. Toch is het leuk om werk van anderen te zien. Waar ik ook van geniet zijn de winkeltjes die er aanwezig zijn. Het is me dit jaar weer gelukt om met een hoofd vol ideeën en een tas met spulletjes naar huis te gaan.

Vanmorgen maar eerst even het huis doorgewerkt en nu ga ik lekker aan de slag met al het moois.

zaterdag 1 september 2007

Hallo allemaal en welkom op mijn blog. Hier ga ik mijn alledaagse belevenissen plaatsen.
Maar laat ik me eerst is even voorstellen. Ik ben Ineke, 50 jaar, getrouwd en moeder van 3 kinderen, 19, 18 en 16.
Ik ben in veel dingen geïnteresseerd, maar quilten, sporten en lezen houden mij wel het meest bezig. Er moet tenslotte ook nog gewerkt worden, nietwaar.

Nu de herfst zijn intrede doet, nog even een foto van de waterlelie in onze vijver gemaakt.Vanmorgen zag ik de reiger ook weer op de schutting staan, gelukkig kon ik hem wegjagen en zijn de vissen voor het moment gered.

donderdag 30 augustus 2007

Het begin

Het is zover.
Vandaag mijn blog gestart.
Deze foto is in Zwitserland gemaakt tijdens de zomervakantie.