dinsdag 9 oktober 2007

Explaining guess what

I told you about my guess what. Well let me explain.
In spring we have renovated our bedroom. We stripped the room, placed a new wardrobe, wooden floor, wallpaper and so on.
We continued with the decorating after the summer.

So when I was taking the photos of my “dear Jane” I thought it was time for the decoration. I had an idea what I would like to have above my bed.

Now my DH is very handy (what his eyes see, his hands make) and I am good at giving instructions.LOL…...

So this is the outcome.

I am very pleased.

I made the sampler a few years ago, in a project at the LQS. There were several groups, and there is a show planned with all samplers. I am looking forward to it and I am very curious to see the samplers of the others.
I only have to quilt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 opmerking:

michel zei

wat een leuk blog Ien. Ik ben nog niet zo ver met mijn quiltblog, maar onze vakantiebelevenissen kan je wel al op ons blog vinden. Wat een leuk idee om een quiltrek boven je bed te hangen. Staat echt heel gezellig. Groetjes Karin